Aegion Coating Services was acquired from Aegion Corporation by Voyager Interests, a private equity firm specializing in investments in the energy services and equipment sector. With this transition comes a change in the company name and, as our team works diligently to settle on our NEW name, we will keep you apprised as we transition to our NEW brand. In the meantime our corporate name is ACS Coating Services. Stay tuned!

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ACS Coating Services

ACS Coating Services is headquartered in Dubai, UAE and primarily serves markets in North America, South America and the Middle East. We combine a variety of pipeline coating and rehab technologies for onshore and offshore installations, including internal and external field joint coating, and engineered specialized equipment technology such as un-tethered, robotic coating applications. ACS owns one of the largest fleets of field joint coating systems in the world and has coated over three million field joints globally. We have successfully completed onshore and offshore projects worldwide in remote locations and extreme conditions with both technician services or turn-key operations available.


Our Coating Services

Internal Robotic Field Joint Coating

  • Offering proprietary robotic coating services for internal field joints.
  • Specializing in offshore robotic internal field joint coatings and can apply both liquid epoxy and FBE / powder coatings.
  • Saudi Aramco approved for robotic coating of internal and external girth welds for both onshore & offshore pipelines.

External Field Joint Coating & Infill

ACS has the capability to apply various external field joint coatings for both onshore and offshore pipelines including:

  • Anticorrosion Coatings (HSS / FBE / Tape – PE / Visco-Elastic )
  • Flame Spray (PE / PP)
  • Wide Sheet Wrap (PE / PP)
  • Plural Component Epoxy (Onshore only)
  • Mechanical and Thermal protection (Offshore only)
    • HDPUF
    • HT Thermal Set Resin Insulation